Club Rules



  1. Reservations are required on all properties 7 days a week. 90% of properties are 7 day-a-week properties, and 10% are set day properties.
  2. You can only make 1 reservation or join 1 reservation daily.
  3. Members can make a reservation for themselves and other club members and or guests in their pit/blind.
  4. Members can only hunt the same property twice per week.
  5. No reservations can be made after 10:00 PM each day nor can you change a reservation after 10:00 pm.
  6. No reservation can be made until you have filled out and signed a RSWC Application, no compete clause, and Wavier. You can’t even step foot on RSWC ground until these are completed.
  7. At no time can you hunt a blind/pit without a reservation.
  8. There is “NO” jumping around from blind to blind or pit to pit. Once your reservation has been made its yours for the day. Doesn’t matter if you are hunting the morning or afternoon.


  • Reservation cancellations must be phoned into either Robert Ramirez at 303-598-6462 or John Gechter at 970-380-8077. If you can’t reach us please leave a message and please text as well. (PROPERTY RESTING IS BASED ON RESERVATIONS SO THIS IS MANDATORY)
  • Reservation cancellations need to be made 12 hours prior to your hunt. Rainin Skies Waterfowl Club does understand emergencies and will consider everything on a case by case basis.


  • Each member gets 4 guest per year. Out of the 4 guest passes the same guest can only come twice.
  • Guests will be allowed to hunt any of the 7 days a week with the exception of opening weekends.
  • Guests must be in the same blind as the member who brought them.
  • No person will be allowed to be taken as a guest if they have discontinued or declined a membership.
  • Spouse and children under the age of 21 living in your home will not be charged as a guest pass, they fall under your family membership.
  • All guests must sign a wavier and it must be emailed to prior to stepping foot on RSWC leased ground. It’s your duty as a RSWC member to make sure this happens. We don’t and can’t take this lightly.


  • RSWC requires 3 work days per calendar year. That means 1 work day is either a full day or 2 half days. If these aren’t fulfilled there will be a $100.00 fine for each day you didn’t fulfill. RSWC will keep track so if there are any questions we can discuss those with you.
  • Taking unauthorized guests $200.00
  • Continued sky-busting after being asked not to may result in member removal review.
  • This isn’t a fine but if you drive into a pit/blind or damage it, it is your job to replace what is broke on your own time and money.
  • Any member having excessive fines will be terminated.

General Rules

  • See property maps for special rules pertaining to that property. If you can’t find the information please call Robert Ramirez 303-598-6462 or John Gechter at 970-380-8077.
  • Rules and regulations are subject to change at anytime to best fit the club as a whole. Email’s will be sent out describing changes immediately and changes will be made on club site rule book.
  • All trash needs to be picked up each day when you are finished hunting. “ALL TRASH”. If a blind/pit was left dirty please contact Robert or John.
  • No member should drive on soft ground (respect the landowners property).
  • Cones must be put back on the pit when you have finished your hunt. (All pits are equipped with a cone)
  • The club member who holds the reservation is the so called “pit boss”. Pit boss is in charge of meeting time, decoys, dogs ,shot call etc. If you elect not to be the pit boss then that’s fine too. Just work it out with everyone involved.
  • Dogs must be under voice command at all times.
  • This club is a waterfowl hunting club only who allows dove hunting, there is “NO” turkey, deer, pheasant or quail hunting allowed.
  • Once you have made a payment to Rainin Skies Waterfowl Club it’s non refundable.
  • Leave gates the way you found them.
  • Rainin Skies Waterfowl Club is a decoying club only, NO PASS SHOOTING (Feet down-beat down)
  • Park in designated areas only.
  • Members must keep their harvest under their seat or on a bird stringer right next to them (Please No Party Hunting). No member can just pile birds in a pit/blind. *PLEASE take your pictures of birds separated to some degree to identify your harvest. – CPW IS CRACKING DOWN
  • Duck hunting stops at NOON except on the river. Once ponds/lakes freeze over you may hunt all day.
  • Do not walk on top of pit lids. Take caution when walking around pit areas.
  • Rainin Skies Waterfowl Club has an open blind/pit policy, any members can jump in with you at anytime. You can’t keep them out. HOWEVER, it is the joining members responsibility to contact the reservation holder for that days details prior to just showing up! Common courtesy is a must.
  • No driving within 20’ of a pit or blind.
  • Its your job as a member when hunting ice to make sure it’s safe. (Rainin Skies Waterfowl Club will have updates weekly on ice updates)
  • No shooting towards any roads, houses or livestock when they are closer then 300 yards.
  • Make sure you know where pits/blinds are before the morning of the hunt as we can’t just drive all over RSWC properties.
  • Drive on designated roads only.
  • Follow roads and or flags to pits and blinds.
  • Must hunt all ponds or waterways that are not wadable with either a dog or a boat.(Life jacket REQUIRED).
  • Each member is obligated and required to know and follow Colorado State Wildlife rules and Regulations.
  • You must gain access before you chase wounded birds onto another landowners property.
  • Don’t drive into a field or property if there is a chance you will get stuck. Basically respect the landowners property.
  • If a -NON EMERGENCY- problem occurs please contact Robert or John before you call DOW or LAW AUTHORITIES.
  • Make sure you walk river properties before just showing up to hunt as flows change each year and sometimes in the middle of a season.
  • All issues need to be brought to Managements Attention Please!!
  • When scouting properties, please do not enter fields or waterways if you do not have a reservation for that day.
  • NO smoking while in a blind/pit. Be respectful and step away from the area of others.
  • If any member is caught making false reservations to hold pit/blind spots or keep pits/blinds empty, you may be fined $150 for first offense and possibly removed from the club with multiple offenses.


  • Safety Comes First and Foremost.
  • Respect everyone in the pit/blind.
  • Don’t shoot over anyone’s head (10:00 to 2:00 radius).
  • Guns must be on safe at all times until you are ready to pull the trigger.
  • No aggressive behavior will be tolerated.
  • No horse play with firearms will be tolerated at anytime.
  • NO ALCOHOLIC beverages allowed on club property for any reason.
  • No jump shooting, stay in assigned area.
  • No loaded guns or shooting away from pits/blinds unless you are chasing down a wounded bird.
  • You should Always wear a hat of some sort as well as protective glasses and hearing protection.
  • If you or anyone in your party gets wet or injured, please take immediate corrective action


  • No open fires.
  • No radios, TV’s.
  • Keep dogs under control. Please make sure your dog gets along with other dogs. Be courteous and switch off with retrieves (Every other Bird or something along those lines).
  • DO NOT move the blinds.
  • Always leave the blind/pit and property cleaner then you found it.
  • Arrive on time to put decoys and vehicle(s) in proper parking place before hunting begins

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